Tour de Donut 2008

Most of us couldn’t hang for one day in the Tour de France, so yesterday the Rotary Club hosted the first Utah Tour de Donut (website), something the average guy can do. It was also a fund raiser for the Utah Amber Alert ID Project. I wondered what could be better than bikes AND donuts so I went. It was a lot of fun. About 250 people came, way more people than they expected.

Here’s how the TDD works. The course is a 7-mile mostly flat loop in American Fork. Ride one lap, eat as many donuts as you want, ride the second lap, eat more donuts, ride the final lap. They take your time, and for each donut you ate, take three minutes off your time. I went expecting to eat like 20 donuts, something I’m usually really good at. I had a poor showing of only two donuts. It was hard to eat those delicious dense glazed donuts donated by Macey’s! My adjusted time was 55:18.

A friend of ours, Reagan Fackell (visit his website), was the donut eating champ, and the overall champ eating 25 donuts with an adjusted time of negative 3 minutes and 47 seconds. Incredible! They raised about $4000 in donations for the Amber Alert. I know I’ll be there again next year, you ought to come with us!

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