Close Call

On Saturday I was out on a short morning road ride up to Butterfield Canyon. On my way back home, I was riding down 13400 South coming toward the intersection at 5600 West. I had the green light as I approached and a few cars turned left across my path with plenty of time. The next car slowed as I got closer to the intersection and then pulled out in front of me making a u-turn! I slammed on my brakes as the slow motion in my mind began. I thought “dang, and this is how I’m going to die.” Against my intuition, I swerved hard to the left as this car was making a slow, wide turn. I barely missed the back side of the car by just a few inches. Without making a long graphic description of the details, this was the closest I’ve come to a bad bike vs. car collision.
The moral of this story is this: drivers, please pay attention to us on bikes. Some cyclists ride like they own the road (and that is frustrating to everyone), but the truth is we always lose when we come up against a car. Most of us follow the rules and try to be predictable. Be considerate as you pass us. You can hit the gas after you pass us. Some of us are fast, some of us are slow, but we all just want to share the road.

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