Why are there so many types of mountain bikes?

2009 Cannondale Moto Carbon 1

Cannondale alone has eight types of mountain bikes: F-series, Taurine, Scalpel, Rush, Rize, Moto, Perp, and Judge. Each series has as many as 7 models within that series plus women’s versions. How do you choose?

  1. Intended use: What will you be using the bike for most of the time? Are you looking for one bike to do everything, or do you have a few bikes depending on where you are riding? Cannondale’s Rize is among the best do-everything bikes on the market today, but it is not as good at climbing as a Scalpel or at downhill like a Perp. RIding just ski lifts or driving your truck to the top of the hill? A Perp or Judge may be better for you. 2009 Rize Carbon 1
    The amount of suspension travel is important as is the frame geometry. A bike with more travel generally has a more relaxed downhill-oriented geometry. The geometry determines how the bike handles and performs in certain situations. A cross country bike won’t be as confident going downhill as an all-mountain or freeride bike. Likewise, a downhill bike is lousy at climbing.
  2. Amount of riding: If you ride three times a week, you’ll need a different bike than if you ride three times a year. You want to find something durable enough to suit your needs
  3. Price: Most bicycle brands make many models to fit most budgets. Of course the top-of-the-line bike is better than the base model, but you find the balance between price and performance. A more expensive model will have more technology in the entire bike providing better performance, lighter weight, increased durability, and longer life. Going with a bike that is too inexpensive will not hold up to harder riding and won’t last for years.

We want you to find the right bike for you. Based on your riding habits, preferred riding type, and budget, we can show you your best options. Cannondale mountain bikes start at just $430 and go up to $7,000.

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