Welcome to the new InfiniteCycles.com

Welcome to the new InfiniteCycles.com

We rely on our website for keeping you informed on what we’re up to. The time has come to replace the old, but good site. We had a lot of complements on our old site, and we are flattered by those who have tried to emulate it. Like our store, we build our websites ourselves, from scratch. We don’t hire it out.

I have been working on this for a very long time, and I just wanted to launch it, and add features as time goes by, rather than waiting until every little thing is finished.

This new site will become a great resource for

  • riders to get together,
  • promoting events,
  • researching new products,
  • finding the services you need,
  • and learning about bikes and the bike industry in general.

I have imported all the posts from both our old Construction and News blogs onto this website. There may be issues with formatting the old posts, but I’ll deal with it when I find major issues.

Just a quick note: this website was designed for Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and other modern browsers. If you are using Internet Explorer, it should work ok, but it might look funny. Please consider upgrading your browser, it will (possibly) change your life!

Thanks to all of our friends and customers that have made our business a success over the past two years. We will continue to provide top-level expertise, products, and services you need to keep riding. Thanks everyone!

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