2010 RZ 140 3Z has arrived!

2010 RZ 140 3Z

Now this is a cool bike. Cannondale’s successful Rize has split into two series: a more cross country oriented RZ One20 (120mm travel), and the all-mountain/big-mountain RZ One40 (140mm travel). They both use the amazing 3D forged seat tube and carbon seat stays, but they are two very different bikes.

This One40 3Z is near to our hearts for two major reasons: Hammerschmidt (read our article about it) and the Lyric Air with U-Turn. I’ll explain. The crank has one chainring with two internal gears. That means you can shift while stopped, coasting, or mashing up a hill without any risk of dropping the chain. That is dang cool.
The U-turn on the fork allows you to reduce the fork’s travel which tightens up the frame’s geometry so it climbs better. They haven’t put that travel reducing technology into a production Lefty yet (check out this new Simon, it is crazy) so this is a good alternative.

If you’re looking for a new mountain bike next year that can go anywhere and do anything, this is the one for you.

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