Club road ride – Saturday October 24th @ 8:30 AM

Hello everyone, sorry about last weekend with the communication breakdown. This Saturday we will be riding a work in progress course for our women’s only ride as part of the Pedal Palooza event in May. That ride will have (roughly) 15, 30, and 60 mile options. We’ll do the course a little different than the event is planned because we are starting at Infinite Cycles and not at Butterfield Park. You can do just the first loop down in Utah County and finish at the shop at about 30 miles. There are plenty of shortcuts back if you run out of gas or time once the Utah County loop is done.

As always, riders of every level are welcome. On a ride like this, we will split into a fast group and a slower group. Bring your friends and we’ll have a fun time!

The weather on Saturday from says the high is 56 degrees with a chance of precipitation.

Here’s a quick description of how we’ll ride this weekend.

  • Goldilocks Preride CourseStarting from the shop, go behind Wal-Mart and under Bangerter
  • Ride down to Redwood Road and turn south
  • Turn east onto 9600 North (which shortly becomes 1500 North)
  • Zig around to the west side Frontage road and behind Thanksgiving Point
  • Stay north on Frontage road
  • West on 14600 South to 14400 South
  • Go north on 3600 West
  • Turn west on 11800 South
  • Turn south on 6000 West
  • Turn west on Herriman Highway (12600 South) and follow it around to U-111
  • Keep going north to New Bingham Highway and turn east
  • Turn south on 4000 West
  • Go down to 11800 South and turn east
  • Take 3600 West back to Infinite Cycles

Here’s a link to the Google Earth file.

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