Review: Cannondale 3 Season Plus Gloves

cannondale 3 season plus gloveI managed to lose my Pearl Izumi Cyclone gloves sometime since last winter. For Saturday’s Club ride, I wasn’t going to let my hands freeze again, so I took a gamble on the new Cannondale 3 Season Plus gloves. At $40.00, this is my new favorite thing! Coming down Suncrest at 42 degree weather, my entire body was frozen except my hands. I couldn’t believe it!

They call it a 3 season so you don’t call it a winter glove and not use it in the spring or fall. It is very much a capable cold weather glove. The Plus version of the glove gives it a quickly removable windbreak lobster cover to keep the wind off your hands when it is just cold. That’s the secret weapon that makes me love them so much.

They also have a regular 3 Season glove that doesn’t have the wind blocking cover for your fingers priced at $35.00.

We have these in stock now, come get a pair and quit dealing with frozen hands.


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