Video review: New World Disorder 10 “Dust and Bones”

A cut above the rest.

New World Disorder 10: Dust and Bones

A new video came out this fall that will complete an epic series of freeride mountain biking videos. New World Disorder 10 “Dust and Bones“. I am calling this movie a cut above the rest for a lot of reasons. It showcases new tricks, new bikes, new places (New Hampshire?), and new features. The cinematography and soundtrack combine to make one amazing ride throughout the entire movie.

The New World Disorder videos have done a lot for the progression of mountain biking as a whole, but particularly for the areas of freeride and downhill. When I was 13 years old, the first New World Disorder came out and really showed the outside world what “freeride” mountain biking was. Basically pushing the limits of gravity and what was possible on a bike. I was completely in shock and thought that the limits had officially been reached. I mean, Bender’s attempt at the Jawdrop scared me so bad I had to check my drawers for racing stripes!

Now almost 10 years later, a lot of filming techniques and the “new and insane” riding is almost laughable. There are some things that have dramatically improved the quality of these films over the life of the series. The most noticeable improvement has been in filming techniques. Using cables to run cameras down trails next to riders, high definition, and much improved helmet cameras. My favorite improvement has been in the soundtracks. NWD 10 is miles ahead in that regard as compared to earlier films in the series.

So, NWD 10 is here! I mentioned some reasons why I think it’s the best freeride film yet.First, I want to talk about some of the riders. The movie features a ton of the worlds best riders. But I want to focus on just a few.


Darren Berrecloth

Darren Barrecloth “the claw” makes a headlining appearance and absolutely KILLS it. He puts together a dream section that brings together all of his strengths as a rider. He gets really techy and goes big and fast. He is super goal oriented and has accomplished a lot for the sport.


brandon-semenukBrandon Semenuk is the following rider. He is no longer an up and coming youngster, this guys is the real deal and at age 18, wins competition after competition over guys that have been riding for much longer. He looks so fluid on a bike and makes super technical dirt jump tricks look effortless.


Cam-McCaulFinally, Mr. Cam McCaul pretty much makes me want to only watch videos and not try to get better at riding anymore. The front flip, the no-footed backflip, he just destroys technical tricks like its nothing. I love watching him ride. He is pushing the limits and being creative with an attempt at a double backflip, and dragging a mini tractor out into the desert to build features where no one has ever ridden. His segment of the movie is amazing.


There are many other riders in Dust and Bones who just throw down amazing sections including Greg Watts, Cannondale’s Aaron Chase, and others. There is even a little sneak peak at Gee Atherton shredding in Italy.

There is a brand new freestyle park in New Hampshire called Highland Mountain Bike Park. It’s as good as it gets and I’m not sure if they just paid the riders in the film to say good things or not, but most riders interviewed about it say it’s better than Whistler? Can that happen? If Aaron Chase says so, then I might just agree. This is a park built by riders. It has everything from fast, flowey downhill trails to a huge park of doubles, hips, and drops.

The finale of the film is really really cool. Red Bull built a full set of doubles on a barge that they floated around the San Francisco Bay. Sounds cheesy, but it’s really sweet. They even put on the Giant’s jersey and got tugged up to the baseball stadium for a show between game innings. The crowd loved it and so did I.

Overall, this is a film that will tide you over for the winter months and maybe even inspire a Moab or St. George trip this winter. It will make you stoked to get out on your bike and show everyone you know why you are so obsessed with riding. Enjoy!

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