Introducing the LHM Toyota/Infinite Cycles race team

We are proud to announce the creation of a new cycling team in Utah. We have partnered with Larry H. Miller Toyota Murray to bring a multi-disciplined race team. LHM Toyota is the title sponsor at some of Utah’s biggest cycling events: Tour of Utah 1000 Warriors, MS 150, Tour de Cure, and others.

LHM Toyota/Infinite Cycles Race Team

Why be on a Race Team?

Cycling is largely an individual sport. You can race on your own, and many people do. If you’ve never raced before, being on a team is a great way to get into it, learn tips and tricks, meet people to train with, and work together as a team in events to improve placement. Our team, like most cycling teams, is not super elite, exclusive, or intimidating. We’ll have new and experienced riders all working together.

Multidisciplinary Racing Team

With such great cycling in Utah, we are not restricting our team to just one type of racing. Our team will consist of all kinds of road, mountain, and cyclocross racing and participation events.

Membership Benefits

Team membership is $155 which includes

  • the first year’s membership fee ($30 value),
  • Hincapie’s premium custom jersey/short kit ($260 value),
  • two custom team water bottles ($14 value),
  • a team vinyl car decal ($8 value),
  • upgraded 15% Team Membership Rewards Card ($40+ value),
  • biannual bike industry cost pricing benefits from select manufacturers,
  • guaranteed entry spots into select events,
  • expedited repairs at Infinite Cycles,
  • exclusive team discounts at LHM Toyota,
  • set purchasing process at LHM Toyota.

Other benefits will come from additional sponsors as details are finalized.

Team Website

We have built a team website to be a core part of our communication and keeping organized. The site address is Check it out and see what we’re all about.

2010 Team Kits

Our 2010 team racing kits have been designed by Infinite Cycles and will be manufactured by Hincapie custom clothing. We’ll be using their premium clothing, the same kits used by the new BMC team. Here’s a small graphic of the design in progress. Larger graphics are available on the team website.

How to Join the Team

The team website has an application you can fill out online. The application has some information about you, your riding experience, and your goals for next year. Visit our website, and sign up today! We will contact you shortly with additional details.

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