SRAM Apex road components just announced

We were asked to not make this information public until the official launch on the 22nd. By the time this goes live, it will likely be old news. We heard about it the morning of Feb 16 and have been dying to hit the “publish” button.

SRAM just announced a new budget-friendly road groupset. This is a glorious day. Just a little behind Valentines Day, but better late than never, right husbands?

For those of you that know us, you know about our undying love for SRAM road (and mountain) components. This new group, named Apex, appears to have a bullseye on Shimano’s insanely popular 105 road system. This announcement comes just a few days after seeing the revamped 2011 Shimano 105 system. When looking for a road bike, many people are told by friends, family, and deep-thinking insightful all-knowing (insert sarcasm here) web forums, to “go at least 105” on the components. Although that is a good idea, maybe this will change that paradigm to “go at least Apex.”

SRAM has never made a triple road group, and they are not making any exceptions with this new kit. One of the (literally) huge announcements is the adoption of a 32T option on the cassette. SRAM revolutionized doubles with their 28T cassette for Rival, Force, and Red. Now they are making an even bigger range without the complication of a triple. SRAM is leading the conversion of mountain bikes from triple to double cranks as well with their premium XX line and will start trickling down the line in the years to come.

The popular Double Tap road shifting system has become more popular every year with manufacturers and riders alike. Double Tap is the biggest difference between SRAM  and Shimano’s STI. With Double Tap, there is just one shift lever (instead of two). To shift to a smaller ring, simply push the lever until the click. To shift to a bigger ring (or two or three), push that same lever further until you get into the gear you are looking for. This provides intuitively effortless shifting in multiple hand positions. Another nice feature to Double Tap is to fine tune the brake and shift lever adjustment for a perfect fit and for smaller hands, like for women and younger riders.

No word (at the time of writing) on pricing or availability. Stay tuned for updates on this sweet new system.

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