2011 SRAM X.7 goes 2X10!

Wow. 2011 is going to be a crazy year in components from SRAM. For 2010, they introduced the new top-of-the-line XX group and put 2X10 on the map. The basic idea behind 2X10 is that you can have fewer overlapping gears, reduce dependence on the worst part of every bike (the front derailleur), and simplify the system for a lighter, better performing group. Of course the top of the line components are going to work well.

It isn’t news today, but I got a PDF copy of the 2011 X.7 with pictures and specs… everything except pricing. What a huge announcement. X.7 has been considered midrange since it began a few years ago, and this steps it up to the next level. Perfect for the average Joe and the budget racer. We can only speculate for now on what amazing things will come to the X.9 and X.0 groups for 2011.

Some of my favorite pieces of the new kit is the gorgeous crankset and the carbon cage on the rear derailleur. That is incredible for this level of components.

Click the image of the catalog to view it online.

Visit the SRAM 2X10 website for more details on the two by ten movement: http://sram2x10.com/

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