Bike of the week 5: Madsen kg271

You may have seen these online or around town, and we’ve got them! Madsen Cycles is a Salt Lake based company. These unique bikes are super versatile.

I have one and I use it as a commuter (since I have so much stuff to take back and forth from work), and around the neighborhood to take my kids for a ride. If you’re looking for speed, this is not for you, but for a great hauler, it is perfect! I suppose you could call it a lazy tandem. The bucket version comes with seat belts for four kids and the entire bike is rated for 271 kilograms (600 pounds) so even big kids can sit back there! I keep threatening that we’ll ride it the one mile to church sometime. It also comes in a rack version that you can mount to and modify to carry all kinds of stuff!

Here’s a video I found on the Madsen Blog of a mom carrying her kids around. It is so much fun!

Last Halloween, we took it trick-or-treating and to go see some friends. It was too far to walk with the baby, but too close to drive, so we hit up the Madsen! My wife sat in the bucket holding the baby and my toddler sat in there by herself. As it continues to warm up, it is perfect for riding to a park here in Herriman and having a family lunch together. Sure, a trailer can do the job and has it’s place, but this is a ton of fun. This would be a fun addition for people living in Daybreak to ride to SoDa Row or to the schools or lake or playgrounds.

They come out of the box with 8-speed SRAM shifting, front disc brake, fenders, chain guard, and a super awesome kickstand that just works. The riding position is very upright for comfort and control, and the top tube drops down low to get on and off easily. People ask me if they are hard to ride and the answer is no. Its not that much longer or that much wider than a regular bike. When you have two big guys in there, then it is a little hard to get going. Once you’re moving, riding is no big deal.

We have Madsens in stock so come see them for yourself!


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