Bike of the week 6: Cannondale Quick 4

Here’s a great video Cannondale put together last year to introduce the Quick.

People often come in to the shop and tell me they aren’t going to be up in the mountains jumping off rocks, nor are they trying to race Lance Armstrong. The Quick series from Cannondale is just a regular bike made for regular people.

With models starting as low as $430, the Quick series is the do everything bike. It lets you sit more upright for comfort, a flat handlebar gives confident handling, and big wheels let it roll quick-ly along roads, trails, paths, or around the neighborhood.  A wide gear range lets you climb the steepest hills and get some speed on the way back down. This is the perfect bike for riding with the kids or pulling them in a trailer. We have sold a number of Quicks to people commuting to work. At distances of less than 10 miles, this is a good fit.

The Quick 4 in particular has some features to provide additional comfort and excellent performance, reduce weight, and increase the life of the bike. A carbon fiber fork smooths out the ride and the SRAM shifting is intuitive and reliable. Men’s and women’s models are available in a number of sizes.

Come take one for a test ride to day or read more about the Cannondale Quick 4 at


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