Giro ProLight Helmet: They are not kidding

We received our first couple of the new Giro ProLight helmets. At first look, it doesn’t look like anything real special until you pick it up. The name isn’t just cute, it is ridiculously light!

I threw it on the scale to compare it with Giro’s top of the line 2010 Ionos. I was pretty shocked by the outcome. There are 453 grams in a pound (according to Google). The ProLight box (which is strangely small and lightweight compared to standard helmet boxes) weighs twice as much as the helmet itself!

ProLight size medium weight: 200 grams

Ionos size medium weight: 315 grams


Some of us will gladly trade aesthetics for weight, others are just the opposite. The Ionos looks amazing, but the draw of light weight is so addictive!

People spend fortunes trying to save 100 grams on their bikes. Here’s an opportunity to shave weight in a big way. When you put it on, you can barely feel it. Come check it out, it’s pretty cool.

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