Bike of the week 10: 2010 Cannondale Synapse Carbon 4

I’ve been so busy making final preparations for the Goldilocks ride that I have neglected the past two weeks featured bikes. Sorry. With Goldilocks just a few days away, I’m feeling ready to get back to my regular work.

This week’s featured bike is one of my favorites in Cannondale’s line this year for a couple of reasons: SRAM and green. The 2010 Cannondale Synapse Carbon 4 is spec’d with SRAM’s new Rival drivetrain, it boasts top level performance at a reasonable price. We are big promoters of SRAM road and mountain components because of the technology, quality, and feel at every price level. The other reason I love this bike is the green color option! If you’ve been into our store, you know we are crazy about everything green.

The Synapse Carbon series is our most popular road bike line for its frame geometry that puts the rider in a more upright riding position than Cannondale’s more racing-oriented road bikes. The other equally important feature is the advanced carbon fiber technology which gives the rider a comfortable ride without sacrificing efficiency and performance. Many of the same technical features and benefits are found in Cannondale’s Slice, the award winning triathlon/time-trial bike.

Over time, road vibration fatigues the rider and his/her muscles, making it more difficult to keep turning the pedals with power. The Synapse is perfect for the recreational road cyclist with longer distance rides on the calendar such as century rides or charity rides because of Cannondale’s patented SAVE technology. Anyone that rides on the rough Utah roads will appreciate the comfort the SAVE technology provides. SAVE stands for Synapse Active Vibration Elimination, and this feature is found in the fork and rear triangle of the frame. Basically the inner and outer shapes of the tubing is shaped to allow a small amount of vertical movement simulating suspension to absorb vibration from the imperfect roads. This works great in addition to the natural vibration damping properties of carbon fiber.

The exciting part of the SAVE technology is the efficiency it produces from being very stiff laterally (or side to side), which is important when climbing hills or standing up to sprint. This stiffness is further increased by using Cannondale’s BB30 bottom bracket and crank system. A laterally flexible frame robs you of your power you are putting into the pedals rather than transferring it right into the wheel, pushing you forward.

The 2010 Synapse line starts as low as $1150 for an aluminum frame version, the carbon fiber version starting at $1600, and goes up to $6000. Synapse Carbon 4 comes in right in the middle at $2300 proudly equipped with SRAM Rival shifting, a BB30 crankset, Mavic Aksium wheels, and a Prologo saddle. Like most of Cannondale’s bikes, this one is available in both men’s and women’s models in a number of sizes. We have them in stock now, so come take a look and a test ride!

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