Tour de Donut – July 17, 2010

Many of you know that I’ve done the unique (strange and fun) Tour de Donut for the past two years, and this year will be no exception! Last year, we were featured in an article in the Daily Herald. The photo below shows the teamwork from Infinite Cycles riders (left to right) Jeff Perri, Lance Gillis, and Brad Rowberry.

Here’s the basic idea of the race. Between laps eat as many donuts as possible. For each donut you eat (and keep down), deduct 3 minutes off your ride time. Yes, if you eat enough donuts, you can get a negative final time. Because of road construction this year, the course has four 5-mile laps instead of the traditional three 7-mile laps. This is probably the only race where the first one to cross the finish line probably won’t win!

Infinite Cycles is proud to sponsor the Tour de Donut. Each participant will receive a $10 gift certificate to Infinite Cycles. When you  register, use the code “infinitecycles” to track our riders.

Proceeds from this year’s race go to support LiveStrong, the Lance Armstrong Foundation, Amber Alert ID, and Youth Scholarships.

Check out the photo galleries from the last two races, register online, and  on the official website.

Visit the Tour de Donut website at

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