Important Garmin Edge 500 Software Update

For those of you that have purchased any of the Garmin Edge 500, there is an important software update now available to resolve some minor issues. I have only heard very minor mentions of the issues below, but get the updated software anyway.

To download the new software, open Garmin’s WebUpdater with your Edge 500 plugged into the USB port and it should walk you through the steps. If you don’t have the WebUpdater installed, you can download it for the 500 from Garmin’s website.

Changes and resolved issues from version 2.30 to version 2.40:

  • Fixed issue that was causing unit freezes on manual and auto laps
  • Fixed issue that was causing missing activities after reset
  • Fixed issue that was causing missing laps and bad timestamps in activities
  • Fixed issue causing large elevation readings to be recorded in activities that created errors when uploaded to Garmin Connect
  • Improved smart recording
  • Added a Statute UK setting that sets distance to miles, speed to mph, elevation to meters and temperature to Celsius
  • Fixed issues related to editing workouts
  • Fixed issues with ‘Repeat Until’ in workouts
  • Implemented a prompt if the timer is not reset after 4 hours to remind the user to reset
  • Corrections to ANT wheel speed, size and auto calibration with PowerTap hubs
  • Course Map Zooming -> The device now pops up a page on the course map with the light key like is done for the course scaling. This page will allow the user to set the zooming to auto or to some set zoom level.
  • Updated the Start Notice feature to alert the user any time the timer is not running if set to Repeat
  • Fixed issue causing elapsed time to not be calculated correctly
  • Delete Garmin software update files after updates are complete
  • Updated translations

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