GU Chomps New Flavor: Watermelon

We had a first look and taste of the new Watermelon Chomps from GU. GU packages the Chomps in our favorite color of foil packaging instead of less-expensive plastic wrappers to maintain freshness. That works well and really increases the shelf life (and jersey pocket life) of these great little energy treats. As soon as they are available, GU will ship us our first order of Watermelon Chomps. We hope to see them next month.

The flavor is reminiscent of Jolly Ranchers, one of my favorite candies. It is a light flavor that isn’t overbearing and doesn’t leave a gross aftertaste or residue like some other energy foods. This new Watermelon flavor is caffeine free, which many of our customers prefer over the caffeinated flavors.

While regular GU gel packets do deliver the nutrition you need as you ride, the Chomps are a nice alternative to drinking the toothpaste consistency. If you haven’t tried Chomps yet, come in and get a pack, you’ll love them!

We also had a taste of the Mandarin Orange GU gel, and it was a fresh new fruity flavor. Look for those to come out soon too!


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