The Free Book Every Bicyclist In Utah Must Have!

Salt Lake City, Utah bicycle accident attorney Kenneth L. Christensen has written the essential guide for cyclists. His book, The Utah Bicycle Accident Handbook, is a must-read for all cyclist through out Utah. This book helps cyclists understand:

• Utah’s bicycle laws and how drivers should treat bicyclists;
• Why your own car insurance is applicable after a bicycle vs. automobile accident;
• How much car insurance every cyclist should have; and
• How to deal with the insurance companies after an accident.

Make sure that YOU are protected in event of an accident – get a FREE, no-obligation copy of The Utah Bicycle Accident Handbook today at

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  1. Kenny Christensen is a good friend of mine and I have found him to be a great resource for any cyclist involved in an accident while on the bike. He has opened my eyes to some of the legal issues facing cyclists and how to handle a bicycle/auto accident. If any of you are interested I have several copies of his free book at the bike shop. Swing by and pick one up.