Tip of the Week 1: Bag the Phone

We are starting a new series, Tip of the Week. The intention is to bring a helpful tip to riders of all types and experience levels. Some will be basic helpful ideas, others will be technical knowledge to help improve your ride.

This week’s tip is Bag the Phone. First off, please bring your phone with you when you ride, both by yourself and with a group for a number of reasons. With iPhones, iPods, Androids, and other expensive smartphones, you don’t want to ruin one in a silly way. I’ve found that putting my phone in a ziplock or sandwich bag keeps moisture out from perspiration and weather. I keep it in my jersey or jacket pocket for easy access. I also bring my ID and a credit card and a little cash in that bag so it stays all together so nothing gets lost. I’m nervous to put my phone in my seat bag, so I keep it on my body whenever possible.

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  1. I did retake the picture once I realized my drivers license picture was showing. Not my best picture. The credit card wouldn’t go very far!

  2. Great tip. I do the exact same thing. Phones are useful for calling for a ride if you run out of tubes or air cartridges or have damage to your bike, have an accident or need to call for someone else. I’ve used the maps function on my phone a number of times to recall a route I planned in an unfamiliar area. I haven’t had any problems with perspiration ruining a phone, but rain certainly could, even in a jersey back pocket, so I think the bag is a good idea. I’ve also reached for my phone and had my card or ID or cash fall out of the pocket while I was riding, so that’s another good reason for the bag. Keep the tips coming, guys!

  3. Clay, I got a few drops of moisture under the screen of my 3GS from it being in my jacket front pocket last year that are still there. I’d sometimes pull my phone out nearly soaked and dumbly wipe it off and put it right back in the pocket. Problem now solved.