Bike of the Week 16: 2011 Cannondale Slice 5 Women’s 105

We have a lot of women visit Infinite Cycles looking for road bikes. Many of them are preparing for a triathlon on the calendar and want to get training. We typically have the discussion about if a road bike or triathlon bike is better suited for the individual’s needs. Historically, a top-performing triathlon bike was very expensive, basically unattainable. Cannondale is a leader in carbon fiber technology, and the Slice triathlon bike is a prime example of that leadership. Who would have thought years ago when the base model Slice was $3500 that we would ever see a complete Slice that was in the same price range as similarly equipped road bikes?

Cannondale offered a Slice as low as $2000 for 2010, but only in a men’s model. For 2011, Cannondale has introduced a couple of women’s specific models! Available in three sizes, 47cm (with 650c wheels), a 51cm, and a 54cm, there is a size for even the most petite of women. At just $2000, the Slice 5 105 women’s is spec’d with a solid parts kit including Maddux aerodynamic wheels, FSA Gossamer BB30 crankset, and the newest generation (5700) of Shimano 105 components. Included with every Slice is the same highly aerodynamic carbon fiber frame, full-carbon fork, and aerodynamic two-position carbon fiber seatpost. You won’t find that on other similarly priced triathlon bikes.

What really sets the Slice apart from other tri bikes is two fundamental principles: comfort and control. The SAVE rear triangle absorbs road buzz to leave you fresh after the bike so you aren’t exhausted for the run. The other part is the control and handling abilities of the Slice women’s bike. Many triathlon and time-trial bikes are twitchy in the handling, making the rider nervous. The Slice geometry was designed to be comfortable but also confident while in the aerodynamic position. Professional triathletes, Chrissie Wellington and Mirinda Carfrae, have ridden the Slice to championship wins and course records. Watch Mirinda Carfrae talk about her Slice in the video on this page.

Triathlon-specific bikes are really an advantage in the aerodynamics over a typical road bike. The rider position changes to a more powerful position so you’re able to put more power into the pedals. A customer that recently purchased a 2011 Slice 3 told me that the difference in speed from his Cannondale road bike to his new Cannondale Slice triathlon bike is a lot like the difference between a mountain bike and a road bike. Way faster. And that is the difference between finishing and winning.

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