Fall Clinic Series

Join us for our free four-session Fall Clinic Series starting this Thursday!

With the fall weather upon us, our riding opportunities are thinning. We will be holding four technical clinics on four topics applicable to most riders. Each clinic will be held Thursday evening at 6pm at Infinite Cycles for about half an hour. These clinics are completely free of charge, and we’ll teach you tips and tricks, and offer one-time discounts on applicable items.

Take a look at the four classes below. Bring a friend and learn together. Remember, these clinics are free.

Please RSVP to the following clinics so we can gauge how many people to plan for. Please RSVP if you think you can come, but please come even if you did not RSVP.  See you there!

Ever wonder how pro riders keep their bar tape clean? They just replace it. Come learn how to do it yourself, the right way. We’ll show you the different types of tape out there and the tricks to wrapping them.

When handlebar tape is wrapped properly, it will stay put and look good for a long time. When done incorrectly, it will move and create gaps and get uncomfortable, etc.

Everyone that attends the clinic can buy up to two rolls of bar tape and take 15% off.

Perhaps the most commonly misunderstood component on the bicycle is the rear derailleur. Become a hero in your neighborhood! Come to the clinic and learn how to diagnose, troubleshoot, and adjust rear derailleurs.

There are many different makes and models of rear derailleurs, but we’ll teach concepts that apply to every derailleur made in the last 100 years. We’ll show you how to recognize potentially fatal problems on your bike to prevent costly accidents.

Every cyclist will encounter flat tires from time to time. Beginning and intermediate cyclists will benefit from this class. We’ll show some tools and items to make changing tires quick and easy.

We’ll also show you how to check over your bike to make sure everything is safe on your bike before you leave your house. Learn how to look for potential problems on your bike in just a couple minutes.

A true wheel is a happy wheel. Learn how to inspect your wheels to see if they are true enough. We will show you what tools are needed to true your own wheels at home. There are a few basic principles to learn before you start twisting your spokes.

Wheel truing tools will be 15% off the night of the clinic, including home mechanic truing stands.

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  1. Looking forward to the clinics.
    Hate the miss the 1st one – I need it most, but I’ll be in Boston.

  2. If you haven’t had any volunteers yet, I’d love you to demo the tape wrapping on my bike 🙂 Let me know if you need me to bring it!

  3. I would also love to be the demo for this Thursday’s class if you haven’t already had 2 people sign up. Let me know, Thanks!