Tip of the Week 2: Helmet Life Span

This week’s tip is in regard to the life you can expect out of your helmet. Both Bell and Giro (which are the major two helmet brands in US if not the world) recommend replacing your helmet at least every three years. I think you can stretch to 4 or maybe 5 years, but definitely no more than that. My Bell Sweep will be finishing year 5 in the spring. Time for a new one. Even without impacts, crashes, or abuse, the fancy styrofoam liner starts to get brittle which reduces the effectiveness of any helmet in absorbing impacts. The more you ride, the more you sweat, and it increases exposure from the sun, etc, will shorten the safe life of your helmet.

On a side note, there is a vented protective case called a Helmet Pod from Giro to help protect your valuable helmet. It fits road and mountain helmets with visors just fine. Its sure better than throwing your naked helmet in the back of the truck!

Bicycle helmets are not like football or hockey helmets made to withstand multiple impacts. Bike helmets are made to absorb one impact one time, then replace it. Our adult helmets range from $40 to $300. They all must pass minimum government-established safety standards to be sold in the US, but higher end helmets do add additional features worth an upgrade.

To help promote safety, we are sending a coupon in our weekly email to trade in your old helmet for 20% off a new helmet. Make sure you sign up for our emails for exclusive offers like this.

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