Life Cycles: Best biking movie yet

I know it is a tall claim to say this is the best biking movie yet. I do believe that there will be a better one some day, but this one is really good. (Almost) gone are the days of mountain bike movies with guys jumping off cliffs with a non-classy soundtrack comprised of screaming and swearing. This is a new kind of movie.

Click on the image to watch the trailer on YouTube.

This is the best movie about biking. The cinematography is unmatched in any cycling film I’ve seen. The scenery is amazing. The locations are fantastic. It is a story about the Life Cycle of a bike from birth to death, but riding lives on forever. A definite must have in the collection. As we push on through winter, this will make the hours on the trainer more bearable.

Watch the trailer on YouTube as it is a great representation of the overall quality of the film. We have them back in stock now on DVD at Infinite Cycles.


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  1. Looks like a quality video. I was going to ask if it was available but I see that you have it. If I can’t find it out here (Illinois) would I be able to order it from you?