Saturday Group Road Rides are Back!

If you’re reading this, you’ve survived the winter and are anxious to get out and ride. We’re excited to have our regularly scheduled group road rides each Saturday morning leaving from Infinite Cycles. The ride will leave at 11:00 this weekend (April 9th), and will gradually move earlier in the day as the weather changes into summer. Check the calendar on our site or follow us on Facebook for the current departure time. The route also varies and can range from 20 miles to 50 miles or more.

This group is a diverse group of riders, and the group typically and naturally splits into two parts. Everyone is welcome, beginners and racers alike. If you haven’t been on your bike all winter (like me), the slower paced group will get you back to speed. If you’ve been diligent over the winter, our faster group will be just right.

It is a lot of fun, bring your friends. We usually have 10-25 riders come, and expect this group to grow a lot this year.

Call us with any questions, don’t be intimidated if you’re a newer rider. We’re glad to have you come with us!

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