Herriman Loop Group Road Ride Saturday

Hi everyone! Are you coming out to ride with us on Saturday morning at 8:30? You should, this is one of our favorite routes. A good amount of climbing, but not too much that you should even consider sleeping in. Next week we move to 7:30am where we will remain for the remainder of the summer (assuming summer ever comes).

Herriman Loop

Distance: 26 miles
Elevation Gain: 1500 feet

  • We ride north from Infinite Cycles on 3600 West.
  • Turn left on 11800 South and head west (with a little detour for road construction) to U-111/Bacchus Hwy.
  • Turn left and head south up a couple of good sized hills. Follow the road around and it turns in to Herriman Hwy.
  • Turn right (south) on 6400 West (the first real road) and head south toward Butterfield Park.
  • At the 3-way stop, we’ll take the right turn for a gorgeous out-and-back ride up Rose Canyon. It isn’t very steep, but it is fun. After getting to the end of the pavement, turn around and come back down and continue on 6400 W to Butterfield Park and turn left at the stop sign.
  • Head east until you reach Emmeline and turn right. The ride’s last climb ends at Juniper Crest and it is all downhill from there.
  • Stay on that road as it changes from Juniper Crest to 4800 W to Monarch Meadows Pkwy to 5000 West.
  • Turn right and take 13400 South back to Infinite Cycles, just on the other side of Bangerter Hwy.

I have created this map on MapMyRide.com, you can view the Herriman Loop Map here.

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