How does the 2012 Cannondale EVO compare to the current SuperSix Hi-Mod?

With the launch of Cannondale’s amazing new SuperSix EVO, people (including myself) are asking how it will compare with my SuperSix Hi-Mod? I have to say that my Super is the nicest riding bike out there and have some reservation about changing a good thing. I have full confidence in Cannondale delivering on the promises and exceeding my expectations of the new “-est” bike (lightest, stiffest…). I had the same concern when I went from my 2009 SuperSix Hi-Mod to the 2010. And that was the best thing that ever happend to me. Here’s some information from the Product Marketing Manager at Cannondale, Maury Washburn about the new frame.


Short answer – The SuperSix Hi-MOD and EVO have identical BB stiffness and the EVO has roughly 14% better Head Tube stiffness, 23% better vertical compliance on the frame, 28% better vertical compliance on the fork.

Long answer – We spent a lot of time dialing in the stiffness on the SuperSix Hi-MOD to what we feel is the ideal blend of pedaling efficiency and lateral compliance and we purposely carried that ideal blend over to EVO.  Just like they learned with high performance motorcycles years ago, there really can be such a thing as too much frame stiffness.  You need to engineer in different levels of stiffness in different parts of the frame to allow it to respond to loads differently. When you begin to go beyond the ideal window of stiffness at the BB, the bike loses its ability to deflect slightly and absorb imperfections in the road when leaned over.  It also can cause the rear wheel to skip under power.

The head tube stiffness was increased to provide an solid base for the new SPEED SAVE fork.  We wanted to keep the rock-solid feel of the SuperSix Hi-MOD’s front end, while increasing the vertical compliance.  If we had left the head tube stiffness the same and added the more compliant fork, the ride-feel would have lost some of the razor-sharp, precise handling we all love.

The stiffness of the entire chassis of the EVO has really been fine-tuned to provide an incredible blend of snappy acceleration, ultra composed and solid handling, and vertical compliance.  I can’t wait for you guys to get a chance to ride it.  It’s GOOOOD.

There you have it. These bikes are supposed to start delivering in July. I placed my order, have you ordered yours yet?

Download the 2012 SuperSix EVO spec sheets and the 2012 SuperSix EVO informational brochure (PDF download).



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