Saturday May 14 Club Road Ride Route

Our regularly scheduled road ride will leave from Infinite Cycles at 10am tomorrow morning. Plan on fabulous weather! We’ll move the ride time to 8:30 am starting on May 20th.

Here’s the course we’ll take this week. This route is about 25 miles long. We will split into a faster and slower groups at the beginning of the ride.

The image of the map on this page is not completely accurate, but is a close reference. The major discrepancy is turning west on 12600 S rather than 11800 S.

  • Leave from Infinite Cycles
  • Head north on 3600 West
  • Turn left onto 11800 South
  • Turn right onto 4000 West
  • Head north on 4000 West to 9800 South
  • Turn right onto 9800 South and head east
  • Turn onto Redwood (1700 West) and head south
  • Turn left onto 10400 South (South Jordan Parkway) heading east
  • Turn right onto S Jordan Gateway heading south
  • Road becomes Lone Peak Pkwy
  • Turn left on 12650 South and immediately turn right onto Pony Express Hwy (west frontage road)
  • Follow road behind Ikea and cross Bangerter Hwy on 200 West
  • Turn left on 13800 South and follow south onto Pony Express Hwy (west frontage road)
  • Turn right on 14600 South heading west and cross Redwood Road
  • Follow 14400 South to 3600 West
  • Finish at Infinite Cycles

Details on tomorrow’s mountain ride available here:

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  1. Great route today. The only exception is we had to take a minor detour for some road construction. This route will be a keeper, watch for a better and more official map for next time.