November Kids/Youth Helmet Trade-In Special

Riding bikes is all about fun for everyone, but safety is so important. When your kids ride their bikes, you need make sure they are wearing safe helmets safely. This would include having the right size, and having the helmet adjusted properly.

I posted on our blog last year about the life span of helmets. Bell/Giro recommends that life span to be just three years without an impact. Bicycle helmets are intended to protect you in a single impact, unlike other sports helmets that are meant to take multiple impacts. Over time, helmets deteriorate and become more brittle, losing the ability. Helmet manufacturers are required to place a manufactured date sticker inside the helmet so you know how old it is. Another best practice with helmets is to keep them out of the sun (unless you’re riding of course)  in a cool dark place. Heat and UV exposure accelerate the aging process of a helmet.

This month we’re doing a trade-in special on kids/youth helmets. Bring in your kids’ old helmet, crashed or not, and take 20% off any regular priced in-stock kids/youth helmet. Even if you just need to move up to the next size, we’ll take in your trade! We will just destroy the old ones since we can’t guarantee their condition to pass it on to someone else.

Eligible helmets include:

  • Giro Me2 – $30 – infant size
  • Giro Spree – $40 – universal toddler size
  • Giro Rodeo – $30 – smaller youth size
  • Giro Rascal – $40 – universal child size
  • Giro Flume – $40 – universal youth size
  • Giro Rift – $55 – universal adult size (adolescent size)
  • Bell Fraction – $40-45 – bmx/skate style child size
  • Bell Faction – $40-50 – bmx/skate youth size
  • Bell Slant – $55 – universal adult size (adolescent size)

Trade-in special limited to stock on hand. Once our inventory is gone, it is gone. Inventory has been divided between the Riverton and Highland stores. This offer is only good through Wednesday, November 30th.

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