Time for a seal change on your Fox Float rear shock

Infinite Cycles - Utah's Cannondale ExpertsDo you have a Fox Float rear shock on your full-suspension mountain bike? Fox recommends changing the air sleeve seals WAY more regularly than anyone actually does it. If you keep these seals fresh, your shock will perform as new and last much longer than if you never service it.

The service isn’t too complicated if you are brave and have a few tools. Here is a link to the Fox Float service guide to see what is involved. The seal kit is just $20. You really need to be doing this regularly.

What we’re trying to avoid is a “stuck down” shock (among other wear and tear problems). “Stuck down” can happen anytime air gets past worn out seals, and is frustrating and annoying. In my experience, it is much more likely to happen in cold weather since the seals shrink a tiny amount in the cold making bad seals worse.

And if that service guide is too intimidating, we’ve done that service hundreds of times and can do it for you. So if you plan to ride your mountain bike this winter, or you’re it hanging up until spring’s greener pastures, now is a great time to change your seals. Our mechanics have more available time this time of year and can have most work done next-day.

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