Utah Cyclocross Videos by Grizzly Adam

We have had a blast racing cyclocross this year in the UTCX series. There are only a few races left this season. A special thanks to photographer/videographer/biker Grizzly Adam for making these videos. I have especially loved sharing these well made videos with my friends and family that don’t know what cyclocross is, or think it is crazy (I know, it actually is crazy).

These videos take a different approach than the average race video that only follows the top pro riders and everyone else is background noise. It shows everyone having fun and gives equal coverage of all groups and races. Members of the Infinite Cycles team stand out pretty well in the black and green kits. I have at least a tiny clip in all but one (I think) of the videos so far this year.

This video below is my favorite one of the year, but they are all fun to watch and make you want to get out and try cyclocross. And that isn’t a bad idea at all…

Sit back, put it on HD fullscreen and enjoy.


The video below shows the nasty conditions from last week, which makes racing so much more fun!

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