January Clinic Series Ideas Wanted!

In January, the cycling scene in Utah is pretty slow. Cyclocross season will be over, the mountain bike trails will probably be buried in snow, and even the faithful indoor trainer riders will start to go crazy spinning in their basements. Let us inject some biking excitement into your life.

We will be holding a Clinic Series in January on a to-be-determined weekday night. What would you like to learn about? In the past we’ve done clinics including

  • wrapping road handlebar tape,
  • changing flat tires,
  • adjusting mountain bike suspension,
  • adjusting shifting and brakes,
  • truing wheels,
  • bike washing,
  • finding the right size bike, and more.

What would you like to learn about? Give us some ideas and we’ll pull from your suggestions. We could cover Lefty bearing migrationrebuilding rear Fox shocks (nobody does it often enough), installing tubeless tires, hub adjustment, choosing cycling clothing, programming cycling computers… send us your suggestions!

AND if we use your idea, we’ll send you a $10 gift certificate! (If multiple people submit the same idea, the first one submitted gets it.)

If the submission form does not show up below, use this link: http://goo.gl/pSjkW

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