The Scalpel 29 2’s have arrived!

On Friday we received our first batch of the new Cannondale Scalpel 29er 2’s. We’ve taken pictures and weighed it and it is a very impressive bike. We have mediums and larges available now, small and extra large coming later.

In the picture of the head tubes, you can see the difference in head tube angle when you move the cup from the top to the bottom of the head tube. Using our best measurement, we figure that moving the cup to the bottom slacks to head to angle out by roughly 1.5°. That change puts the Scalpel 29 into a trail bike geometry not too far from the Jekyll’s head tube angle.

The weight on both bikes in the picture is very respectable. The Scalpel 29 Carbon 1 ($6900) size large weighed in at 23.74 pounds with tubes still in the tires. The Scalpel 29 Carbon 2 ($4800) size large weighed in at 24.40 pounds with tubes in the tires. These are some respectable weights for a 29er, let alone a full-suspension model!

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