Ugly Cycling Jersey Contest

Do you have the an ugly cycling jersey hanging in your closet, or do you have one so ugly it it stuffed in a secret box in a hidden storage unit that you melted down the key? There are a number of bad jerseys out there, we see them every day. It is a reflection on decades gone by, colors that came and went in a hurry, botched designs, strange shape/fit, or just bad ideas. We want to help you.

Here’s the deal.

  1. Send us a photo of the ugliest jersey YOU OWN. (You can send us photos of jerseys you don’t own, but you won’t win the contest).
  2. We will post the worst looking ones for the world to see. Starting now through May 17th, we will accept submission.
  3. We will choose the ugliest jersey winner (or loser depending on how ugly it really is), and notify the winner. The winner will surrender their ‘objet d’art’ to Infinite Cycles (mail it in if you aren’t local), and we’ll award you with one of our club jerseys. I’ll admit that it isn’t the most beautiful jersey in the world, but it is (insert pun here:) infinitely better looking than the winner.

Winner will receive an Infinite Cycles club jersey. 3 runners up will receive 50% off an Infinite Cycles club jersey pictured below.

Submissions are now closed. We’ve picked a winner!

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