$30 Garmin Edge 200 Rebate

As cyclists, we are interested in keeping track of our miles, time on the bike, average and max speed, etc. Lots of metrics. We want to improve our average speed, reduce the time climbing Suncrest or Butterfield Canyon… just getting faster in general. With the help of a cycling computer, you can measure your progress and improvement. Historically, GPS-based cycling computers have been out of reach for many cyclists. Garmin’s new Edge 200 comes in at an affordable $150 and records that data you want to watch.

From now through August 31, 2012, Garmin 200 units are eligible for a $30 rebate from Garmin effectively reducing the price to just $120.  Get the rebate form here: http://garmin.blogs.com/files/edge_200_rebate.pdf

The best part? It can upload to Strava! Strava is an online social network that allows cyclists (and runners) to compare and compete on “segments” on the places we ride all around us. Check out the Infinite Cycles club on Strava here: http://app.strava.com/clubs/infinite-cycles-racing

The Edge 200 is the base model and does not support any Garmin’s ANT+ wireless accessories, so if you’re not worried about heart rate or cadence, the Edge 200 is a great option. You will only get a basic reading of data while on the bike. You can see and review all of that data once you upload to Garmin Connect or Strava.

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