Sneak Peak Photos of the 2013 Cannondale Trigger 29’er w/ SuperMax Lefty

Update: The photo has been removed by request. Dang.
Update again: Bike was officially shown at Eurobike. Photo time! Pics on the bottom of the post.

When Cannondale does something, they do it right. They have been slow to come to market with their 29″ full suspension bikes, but when the Scalpel 29’er came out, it quickly became respected as the best bike in the category. Here comes the trail-focused 29’er from Cannondale. The top two models feature the DYAD shock made famous on the Jekyll and Claymore. It adjusts the feel, travel, and geometry giving the bike a two-in-one machine.

One of the most exciting things about the new Trigger 29 is the rumored SuperMax Lefty. Cannondale updated the Lefty for 2013 with the lead engineer saying it was the most significant upgrade/improvement to Lefty ever in its long history. That’s a big claim. Having ridden the new Lefty, I can say there are some great improvements over what was already the best fork on the market. But it was limited to 100mm (maybe 110 or 120mm with some tinkering) on a 29’er. Behold the SuperMax. The new changes with the Hybrid Needle Bearing system and lower glide bushing make longer travel possible. Currently, the only (publicly available) evidence we have is in this photo, trying to dig details out of Cannondale tech guys and sales reps, and the dealer book spec sheet says “New Lefty” with no other details. We also know that they slipped and called the current Lefty a 32mm. Why list a size when there is no other size? Because the 36mm version was in the works!

We ordered a number of these new Trigger 29’ers and expect them to arrive November/December of this year. I’ll post the full spec sheet on our website shortly. We can’t be 100% certain these are final or US-versions of these bikes, but I’m pretty confident. Thanks to for the pics. If you’ve been infected with the Cannondale virus, follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


Look how fat that Lefty is on the top! Rumor also has it that there are carbon clamps… Unfounded rumor for now.

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