Arrived: 2013 Cannondale Bad Boy 1

Everyone loves the Bad Boy. Cannondale has been building them for many years and they get more bad every year.

The flagship Bad Boy comes with Cannondale’s Solo Headshok DL50 fork. People often ask what the benefit of the single sided fork is. On the high-performance Lefty forks, it is less weight, stiffness for more predictable handling, smoother telescoping action for better small bump performance, and more. On this bike, its just rad. It still uses Cannondale’s exclusive needle bearing technology for good performance just like the Headshok, but leaves the other fork blade off. The front wheel bolts on so it is more secure than a standard quick release front wheel. With a lockout lever situated right on top of the stem, you can turn off that smooth suspension to get a taste of how less privileged commuters feel.

Bad Boy is all about attention to detail too. The stem and handlebar are made from one piece of aluminum without any welds which showcases more of Cannondale’s amazing aluminum manipulating technology. And this year they stuck a headlight in the extra space! The graphics are black textured that need to be seen up close and touched. Super unique pedals stand out.

Weighing in at 26.10 pounds as pictured for a large, this isn’t the lightest Cannondale on the market but it rides like a dream. Solid. Magura brakes and Shimano shifting make the bike work great too. But who cares. This bike is just so cool, everyone wants a Bad Boy.

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