12 Month Financing Promotion!

12monthfinancingfinancingapplicationWith 2013 model road and mountain Cannondale bikes in stock (and a few closeout bikes left), we are offering special 12 month financing promotion on any purchase over $500. Promotion goes through Thursday, February 28th.

Applying for financing is quick and painless. We submit your information on a secure website and a response is back within 2 minutes. The information on the sample application is what you need. Don’t fill this out, but have this info handy when you do come in.

If you already have a GE Capital card with us, you can take advantage of this promotion as well. I think some people are under a false impression that they can only use the promotional period one time.

People often ask what the minimum payments are. GE Capital told us minimum payments are usually less than 4% of the purchase amount. When you pay off the balance in less than 12 months, you won’t pay one penny in interest.

If you’re waiting for a tax return to come in, you can take advantage of our financing and get the bike you want now.

$500 minimum. 12-months. Super low payments. Come see us.

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