Want FREE Infinite Cycles stickers?

  • Do you love Infinite Cycles? Have you bought a bike from us or had us work on your bike? Maybe you bought something from CannondaleExperts.com? We really appreciate all of you, our literally thousands of customers that have supported us since we opened in 2007. Continue to show us your support! You have an opportunity to get a couple free Infinite Cycles stickers for your car, desk, computer, Nalgene bottle, etc. Choose one or both of the two designs shown below, max 2 stickers each.

    Order your stickers now! We will take orders until the end of the month and will close the order form on September 1st. Choose your pickup location. Tell your friends!

    Free sticker order form

    The deadline has passed to order your free stickers. If you ordered stickers, we will be calling you in the next couple of days for you to come pick them up.

  • Sticker Design Options

    Both stickers are die cut from matte white vinyl.

    Sticker #1 is 3.5″ square

    Free Sticker #1

    Sticker #2 is 4.5″ long and 2.3″ tall

    Free Sticker #2



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