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Arrived: 2014 Cannondale Synapse Carbon 6

The Cannondale Synapse Carbon bikes are totally redesigned for 2014. The $9000 model and the $6000 model are getting a lot of exposure in the media, and rightfully so. When we found that the 2014 redesign comes all the way down to the entry-level models, we were excited! You get the same engineering that went into those expensive models at a fraction the price.

Cannondale is doing an interesting thing with the “base model” carbon bikes this year. Rather than using a basic Shimano Tiagra component kit to keep the cost down, they upgraded the critical pieces (shifters and derailleurs) to Shimano 105. Yes, there are two models equipped with Shimano 105. The Synapse Carbon 5 has upgraded wheels, brakes, cassette, etc. This bike will certainly be one of our best sellers this year.

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