New CarboRocket 333 Flavor and Recovery Drink

  • CarboRocket has a cult following in the United States, especially in Utah. We’re excited to share the next big thing from CarboRocket. The 333 Half Evil drink is extremely popular, especially for long distance and high intensity activities. Now CarboRocket has a recovery drink called Rehab. Are you ready for some post-ride Chocolate Coconut? We anticipate delivery before Christmas. Makes a great stocking stuffer!

    RECOVER SMARTER. GO FARTHER! An often overlooked part of training and racing is recovery. Recover smarter with REHAB – the best tasting, fastest recovery drink available. After a hard workout or race it’s crucial to replenish muscle glycogen and begin repairing muscle damage. There is a small window of time to feed your muscles in order to maximize recovery and gains. The faster you can get easily digested carbs and protein to your muscles the faster and better you can do it all over again. Replenish, rebuild and recover with REHAB!

    In addition to the other great flavors of 333 Half Evil, the new Grape flavor will be arriving soon too. We look forward to giving that a try!

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