rides Mavic’s CXR 60 Clincher WTS (Wheel Tire System)

  • Mavic’s Cosmic Carbone wheels have long been favorites in Pro Pelotons as well as civilian riders looking to increase aerodynamics without sacrificing durability and usability. The new CXR 60 C follows this same pattern, but the CXR increases its aerodynamic prowess by working together with a tire, creating a Wheel Tire System or WTS. CXR also cheats the wind with an illegal fairing of sorts (are you a UCI Pro cyclist?) called the CX01 Blade that smooths the transition between the tire and rim, creating a more aerodynamic system as a whole. This allows Mavic to use a clincher style tire so you can change flat tires on the road and maintain the aerodynamics. Mavic’s system is very slick and looks amazing too. While wheels of this depth are generally marketed toward triathlon or time trial applications, I suspect that we will see more of this aerodynamic concept coming to road wheels

    From a ride perspective, the wheel spins up quick—quicker than one might expect due to their weight.

    While these aren’t the lightest weight wheels out, they do not ride like a heavy wheelset. All-condition braking performance is unmatched with Mavic’s Exalith braking surface.

    The system starts with the wheels. Mavic bucks the trend of full carbon wheels and has stuck with a carbon fairing bonded to an aluminum rim. The downside to this is weight. We measured the wheels weighing in at 1986g (886g/1082g respectively). The benefit is incredible braking performance, made even better with the addition of Mavic’s own Exalith braking surface. Mavic claims 18% shorter braking distance in both dry and wet conditions. We can state quite certainly that these wheels provide some of the strongest stopping power we have encountered to date.

    Tough, durable, fast, aero, and easy to maintain are the hallmarks of any good wheel. Mavic does wheels right, and the CXR is no exception.

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