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  • Ever since the CAAD10 was released for the 2011 model year, other bicycle manufacturers have struggled to come up with a suitable rival in terms of weight, performance, ride quality, and value. Bicycle technology continues to change at about the same pace as computer technology. The CAAD10 is still in a league of its own as Cannondale continues to lead the industry in aluminum bicycle frame manufacturing.

    Bike Radar said that the CAAD10 105 is

    Still a benchmark of sublime ride quality and lightweight alloy performance

    It can be difficult to understand how an aluminum frame can have such a smooth ride quality, you just have to ride it to see for yourself.

    The smoothing effect of the SAVE fork and rear end actually gives the bike a tangible traction advantage in terms of road connection. It also helps the CAAD flow across rough sections remarkably well for an alloy bike, and there’s no doubting its reputation as one of the best metal frames available is richly deserved.

    The 2014 model year offering is no different, with more value built into each model than ever. From the Black Inc. edition with SRAM Red 22 down to the entry level model featured in Bike Radar, CAAD10 has something worth looking at for any new or long-time cyclist.

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