Photo Contest: Most Nasty Road Handlebar Tape

  • Alright everyone, we want to see how bad your road bike handlebar tape is. Winter makes bikes dirty, but we know there are some of you out there that have let it go too far for too long. We’re not specifying exactly what nasty means. It could be worn out, awful color, stained, damaged, falling apart, or just gross. So many bikes ship with white tape, we know how bad it gets. Show us The Worst.

    The winner gets their choice of in-stock bar tape from Fizik, Lizard Skins, Cannondale, Zipp, or SRAM installed for free! The first runner up will get free installation on any bar tape purchased at Infinite Cycles. The most nasty bar tape will be picked by a panel of Infinite Cycles employees. We’ve seen some nasty tape over the years… Finally you’ll have a chance to be rewarded for it.

    Contest rules

    1. Photos must be submitted by 11pm on March 5, 2014.
    2. Photo must be a bicycle in your possession – we want to do before and after pictures.
    3. We’ll replace the tape on the bike submitted in your picture.
    4. You agree to let us publish your name and photos on our website and other social media outlets.
  • Worst Bar Tape

    Thanks to Google Images for this nasty specimen. I hope you have something worse, but only for the purposes of this contest!

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