$100 Rebate on Garmin Edge 810 Cycling GPS

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Garmin’s new 810 GPS unit has a $100 mail-in rebate going now through May 31st. Combine that with your 10% back for Membership Rewards and this is a really great deal!

The newest cycling GPS from Garmin has a large color touch screen with Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone. This connection gives you a number of great features including weather alerts, live position updating to share on Facebook or other social media, and auto upload of ride data to Garmin Connect.

Get as many different metrics as you want to display on the screen on separate pages including speed data, distance data, time data, elevation data, cadence data, heart rate data with real-time zone chart, mapping, navigation, power metrics, and much more. This is the deluxe unit from Garmin. Because it is built with ANT+ wireless capability, different power meters including the CycleOps PowerCal power/heartrate strap or other ANT+ enabled speed/cadence sensors.

Let’s be honest, the most important feature of the Garmin 810 is that you can upload your rides to Strava. Like they say, if it isn’t on Strava, it didn’t happen.

Different riding profiles are a new feature for the 810. You will want to see different information in a cyclocross race than you would on a road century or an afternoon mountain bike ride. Because you can set up different bicycle profiles, you can have just one unit for all your bikes and all your different types of activities.

The Edge 800 GPS also acts as a remote control if you’re using Garmin’s new VIRB action camera. That’s very cool and convenient.

I’ve been using the Garmin 810 for about a year now and it is so easy to use, and gives me all of the information I want without having to deal with information I don’t care about.

Come see the Garmin 810 at Infinite Cycles today and to take advantage of the $100 rebate.

Download rebate form here: Garmin-Edge-810-Rebate.pdf

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