2014 SuperSix EVO 5 Earns 4.5 Star Review from BikeRadar.com

  • BikeRadar.com gave an awesome review to one of our very favorite bikes in the 2014 Cannondale lineup. The SuperSix EVO, which won the 2012 Best Bike In The World award, has models down to a more affordable price point than ever before. The SuperSix EVO 5 with Shimano 105 comes in at $2100 this year. This is an incredible first or second road bike for anyone just getting into road cycling. Their quotes below match our feelings about this amazing bike that is now within reach without blowing the budget.

    View full specs and alternate colors at InfiniteCycles.com: 2014 SuperSix EVO Carbon

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The SuperSix Evo flies up hills and races back down. Its measured smoothness makes it a climbers friend – even out-of-the-saddle stomps up steep inclines can’t faze this remarkable frame and, despite its slender proportions, we couldn’t sense any twist or give. On the downslopes, the bikes it turns in with perfect agility and it’s capable of holding the tightest, fastest cornering lines.

Cannondale has managed to get the Evo 5 105 below two grand (English Pounds, priced at $2100 USD) by using standard carbon, rather than hi-mod, and by routing the rear brake cable externally rather than internally. This only adds a few grams to the frame weight, but it considerably reduces manufacturing and assembly time. It’s a clever way to reduce costs, and doesn’t hamper the bike’s performance in any way. It makes servicing easier too.

Aside from gaining some grams everything we love about the hi-mod Evo is present here. That just goes to show that carbon-fibre frames aren’t just about material – it’s also about configuration, and the carbon experts at Cannondale have got it spot on here.

bikeradarlogoRead the full review from BikeRadar.com here: http://www.bikeradar.com/road/gear/category/bikes/road/product/review-cannondale-super-six-evo-5-105-14-48145/

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