Cannondale 2016 Spring Training Sale

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In addition to our deeply discounted 2015 Cannondale bicycles and our Cannondale blemished bicycles, Cannondale has put select 2016 models on sale now! The following models are part of the Spring Training sale until April 10, 2016.

Don’t forget, all bikes purchased from Infinite Cycles come with our Infinite Lifetime Service!

FamilyModelCannondale List PriceSpring Training Sale Price
F-Si2016 F-Si HM Team$9,060.00$7,248.00
F-Si2016 F-Si HM 1$6,390.00$5,112.00
F-Si2016 F-Si Carbon 2$4,800.00$3,840.00
F-Si2016 F-Si Carbon 3$3,410.00$2,725.00
F-Si2016 F-Si Carbon 4$2,880.00$2,300.00
F-Si2016 F-Si Alloy 1$2,340.00$1,875.00
F-Si2016 F-Si Alloy 2$2,060.00$1,650.00
F-Si2016 F-Si Alloy 3$1,840.00$1,475.00
F-Si2016 F-Si Carbon 1 Women's$4,260.00$3,400.00
F-Si2016 F-Si Carbon 2 Women's$2,880.00$2,300.00
F-Si2016 F-Si Alloy 1 Women's$1,840.00$1,475.00
F-Si2016 F-Si Alloy 2 Women's$1,410.00$1,125.00
Habit2016 Habit 6$1,950.00$1,500.00
Habit2016 Habit 2 Women's$1,950.00$1,500.00
Trail2016 Trail 2$1,350.00$1,000.00
Trail2016 Trail 3$1,080.00$950.00
Trail2016 Trail 5$815.00$625.00
Catalyst2016 Catalyst 2$585.00$450.00
Foray2016 Foray 2$585.00$450.00
Tango2016 Tango 4$980.00$750.00
Tango2016 Tango 5$815.00$650.00
Synapse2016 Synapse Carbon Ultegra 4$2,660.00$2,000.00
Synapse2016 Synapse Carbon Tiagra$1,840.00$1,400.00
Synapse2016 Synapse Carbon Tiagra Women's$1,840.00$1,400.00
EVO2016 EVO HM Dura-Ace$7,990.00$6,792.00
EVO2016 EVO Red$3,940.00$3,000.00
CAAD 82016 CAAD8 105$1,410.00$1,200.00
CAAD 82016 CAAD8 Tiagra$1,250.00$1,000.00
CAAD 82016 CAAD8 Sora$1,030.00$800.00
CAAD 82016 CAAD8 Claris$815.00$700.00
CAADX2016 CAADX Ultegra$2,130.00$1,800.00
Quick2016 Quick 4$705.00$600.00
Quick2016 Quick 5$600.00$490.00
Quick2016 Quick 6$490.00$400.00
Quick2016 Quick 4 Women's$705.00$600.00
Quick2016 Quick 5 Women's$600.00$490.00
Althea2016 Althea 3$575.00$490.00

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