Cannondale Demo Day | May 13, 2017

Join us on Saturday May 13th at our Highland/Lehi store for a FREE Cannondale Demo Day. The demo is going to setup at our Highland/Lehi store and you can take the mountain bikes to Corner Canyon, American Fork Canyon, or Lambert Park. Or if you take a road bike, you can leave right from the shop to any of the great riding locations around our store.

Bikes are available to check out from 9am until 2pm on Saturday 5/13. We hope to see you there!

Photos from today’s demo event

  • Cannondale is bringing a number of their hottest bikes.

    • New 2018 Jekyll
    • New 2018 Trigger
    • 2017 Habit
    • 2017 Moterra E-Bike
    • 2017 Scalpel Si
    • 2017 Slate
    • 2017 Synapse Disc
    • 2017 EVO Disc

    What to bring

    • Driver License + Credit Card
    • Pedals
    • Shoes
    • Helmet
    • Cycling Clothing
    • Water

    Other Cannondale Demo Opportunities

    Cannondale is holding demos on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the area. We are only setting up reservations for the Saturday event. You’re welcome to visit the other demos if those days work better for you.

  • Reserve a Demo Bike

    Online reservations are now closed. But there are TONS. OF. BIKES. to come ride. Come down even if you don’t have time to ride today! Last bike goes out at 2pm.

    Demo Bike Reservation Availability

    UPDATE: Bikes are coming in and going out all day. If the bike you really want to see shows it is reserved, it might be back already. We’re not able to update availability all day. Hope to see you out there!

    Reservations below update every 15 minutes. To view real time reservations, click here.

    Bike Model & Size9am - 11:30am12pm - 2pm
    2018 Jekyll MediumReservedReserved
    2018 Jekyll LargeReservedReserved
    2018 Jekyll Extra LargeAvailable!Reserved
    2018 Trigger SmallReservedAvailable!
    2018 Trigger MediumReservedReserved
    2018 Trigger LargeReservedReserved
    2017 Moterra E-MTB MediumAvailable!Reserved
    2017 Moterra E-MTB LargeAvailable!Reserved
    2017 Scalpel Si SmallReservedAvailable!
    2017 Scalpel Si MediumAvailable!Reserved
    2017 Scalpel Si LargeReservedReserved
    2017 Scalpel Si Extra LargeAvailable!Available!
    2017 Slate SmallAvailable!Available!
    2017 Slate MediumAvailable!Available!
    2017 Slate LargeAvailable!Available!
    2017 Slate Extra LargeAvailable!Available!
    2017 Synapse Disc 48cmAvailable!Available!
    2017 Synapse Disc 54cmReservedAvailable!
    2017 Synapse Disc 56cmAvailable!Available!
    2017 Synapse Disc 58cmReservedAvailable!
    2017 Synapse Disc 61cmAvailable!Available!
    2017 SuperSix EVO Disc 50cmAvailable!Available!
    2017 SuperSix EVO Disc 52cmAvailable!Reserved
    2017 SuperSix EVO Disc 54cmAvailable!Reserved
    2017 SuperSix EVO Disc 56cmReservedReserved
    2017 SuperSix EVO Disc 58cmReservedAvailable!
    2017 SuperSix EVO Disc 60cmAvailable!Available!

Fine Print

We’ve done our best to find out which bikes are available for demo. Reservations are not guaranteed. We will email you on Friday with more information about your demo. If you need to change or cancel your reservations, please send us a note at We cannot guarantee the availability of all bikes as the demo fleet is Cannondale’s to manage. If you have reserved your demo and are more than 10 minutes late, your reservation is cancelled. Bikes not reserved are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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