Cameron Smart

Born and raised in Utah, Cam discovered mountain biking in 1992 aboard his rigid red Huffy. He began working as a bike mechanic shortly thereafter. Bicycles and mountain bike racing became his passion. His efforts brought him a top 10 NORBA national ranking and podium placement in local race series.

Engineering was another interest and his goal became a career as an engineer in the cycling products industry. During his final semesters of college completing a bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering he discovered an entrepreneurial itch and that working directly with the bicycle customer was his real passion. Frankly, the thought of crunching numbers in a cubicle with a bunch of stale engineers was terrifying. He and Brad spent the next 2 years writing a business plan and getting all the pieces together for the bike shop that they had always dreamed of shopping at.

Mountain bike races and Cyclocross in the winter are his current passions. There are also a number of road bike events on his calendar. Cam’s wife Audrey fell in love with cycling when she fell in love with him and is anxious to get back into form after the arrival of their daughter.

“My goal is that every customer feels that this is their shop. I want to help them at their level of experience. If a customer enters the store and is met by a salesman who only wants to sell them a $10K bike then we’re not doing our job to develop lifelong cyclists.”

Current bikes

  • 2011 Cannondale Jekyll Carbon Custom
  • 2011 Cannondale Super X Cyclocross Custom

Brad Rowberry

Brad - Shadow SuperSixBrad enjoyed riding bikes as a young child growing up in northern Virginia. When he was eleven years old, he spent the summer with his cousins in Utah who were into mountain biking, and the addiction began.

Because he rode so much, he needed to replace broken and worn parts. His dad said if he wanted the nice stuff, he had to get it himself. He got his first job at a large bike shop in Virginia in 1997. It was then that he learned to sell the sport by meeting the needs of his customers. As young as he was, he found his passion in life. After a couple of years, he moved to a much smaller bike and ski shop across town. He graduated from high school and went to BYU and got a job at the outdoors shop there. He and Cameron started talking about opening a shop and after years of work, Infinite Cycles opened.

Brad has two kids, Elinor and John. They love going for rides in their Chariot (being pulled by a Cannondale, of course).

Favorite types of riding: Road, all-mountain, urban trials.

Current Bikes

  • 2011 Cannondale SuperSix Hi-Mod Custom
  • 2012 Cannondale Scalpel 29’er Carbon 2
  • 2012 Cannondale Super X Cyclocross Custom
  • Echo Urban Trials Custom

Kenny Dailey

Kenny races motocross and plays hockey in addition to riding BMX, mountain, and road biking.

Current bikes

  • 2007 Cannondale Prophet 5
  • 2012 Cannondale Jekyll Carbon Custom
  • 2012 Cannondale Super X Cyclocross
  • Haro Forum

Josh Ragsdale

Josh has always been passionate about being outside and going downhill, fast. That love has brought biking and skiing to be staples in his life ever since a young age. After a few years of breaking cross country bikes and parts he got a downhill mountain bike and loves the downhill and freestyle type of riding. Although mountain biking will always be his true love, he has recently picked up road cycling and enjoys getting out for a good ride.

Josh was born and raised in Sandy, UT and still lives there with his wife Heather. Josh graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelors in Economics.

Current bikes:

  • 2011 Jekyll 5

Ian Lee

Ian has been a cycling enthusiast since he was young. When he was in sixth grade he made a deal will his mother that if he turned in every assignment for the rest of the year she would buy him a mountain bike. To everyone’s disbelief, including his own teacher, he did it and received his first mountain bike and hasn’t stopped riding since.

Ian has had several years of experience working sales in bike shops and has been with Infinite Cycles now for a few years. A native to Utah, Ian has found much happiness in exploring the beautiful area surrounding the Salt Lake and Utah valleys. Aside from cycling, Ian is an experienced hiker/backpacker and enjoys seeing new areas and getting in the back country throughout Utah and neighboring states. He is also passionate in fly fishing, geocaching, drawing and design, The Jazz, growing and grooming facial hair and other sports.

Ian currently is riding a 2011 Cannondale Jekyll 4 which he says “is the best all-mountain bike I have ever ridden.”


Christian Lyman

Christian was forged from the pits of Mordor and has been on bikes since he was very young. Although he just took his training wheels off, he rode his bike across America last summer with his family. He also enjoys food network, [redacted], and skiing. Christian is the proud owner of a 2012 Supersix 4 and a 2011 Jekyll 5.


Collin White

Collin grew up in the Seattle area where he spent a lot of his time outside and exploring. Collin moved to Utah just a few years ago and his hobbies are road/mountain biking, skate/snow boarding, hiking, snow-shoeing, drawing and pottery.  Currently a senior in high-school Collin has a kickin’ job at the Lehi location and he is cooler than Christian Lyman.  Gusher Fruit snacks are a quick way to Collin’s heart. Collin aspires to someday own property on the moon and live there for some months of the year.