Blemished Bike Inventory Sheet

  • Take advantage of great discounts on blemished bikes that have minor issues like scratched paint or non-stock components. Some have had damaged or missing parts replaced. We are adding basic photos of each bike to the list below, but you’ll want to see these bikes in person.

Why buy a blemished bike?

Blemished bikes are offered at great discounts. Each bike has been rigorously inspected and serviced. Any mechanical issues have been resolved. Don’t forget about our Infinite Lifetime Service that comes with every bike at Infinite Cycles!

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    Let us know what bikes you are interested in and we can tell you which location to visit to see them. Send us a note at the bottom of the page or give us a call at 801.523.8268. There are only one each of the bikes on the list so don’t delay.

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PhotosCategoryBikeIDDescriptionColorSizeMSRPSale PriceDiscount
CyclocrossBG2168Cannondale 2016 CAADX Disc UltegraGreen Clay51cm$2,130$1,491$639
CyclocrossBG2169Cannondale 2016 CAADX Disc UltegraGreen Clay54cm$2,130$1,491$639
Photos Not Yet AvailableE-BikeBG1702Cannondale 2016 Mavaro PerformanceGloss Grey47cm$4,460$3,122$1,338
KidsBG2112Cannondale 2017 Trail Kids 24Purple24"$440$352$88
KidsBG2113Cannondale 2017 Race Kids 24Black/Green24"$550$440$110
MountainBG1700Cannondale 2016 Trigger 27.5 Carbon 2Grey/OrangeLarge$5,970$4,179$1,791
MountainBG2062Cannondale 2017 Foray Women's 1Matte GreyMedium$710$568$142
MountainBG2063Cannondale 2017 Foray Women's 1Matte GreyLarge$710$568$142
Photos Not Yet AvailableMountainBG2084Cannondale 2017 Foray Women's 4Green Clay/MagentaLarge$440$352$88
MountainBG2121Cannondale 2017 Enforcement 2Matte BlackSmall$980$784$196
MountainBG2122Cannondale 2017 Enforcement 2Matte BlackExtra Large$980$784$196
MountainBG2146Cannondale 2015 Trail SL SSMatte BlackLarge$1,300$845$455
MountainBG2149Cannondale 2017 Scalpel Si Crb 2Black/YellowExtra Large$6,390$5,112$1,278
MountainBG2154Cannondale 2017 Catalyst 1RedExtra Large$710$568$142
MountainBG2158Cannondale 2017 Catalyst 1GreyExtra Large$710$568$142
Recreation + UrbanBG2116Cannondale 2016 Bad Boy 1Matte BlackMedium$1,840$1,288$552
Recreation + UrbanBG2119Cannondale 2016 Hooligan 1Tree Frog GreenOne Size$980$735$245
Recreation + UrbanBG2124Cannondale 2017 Quick 1 Women'sDeep Teal BlueSmall$1,300$1,040$260
Recreation + UrbanBG2126Cannondale 2016 Quick Speed 3Neon Spring GreenMedium$870$609$261
Recreation + UrbanBG2128Cannondale 2016 Quick Speed Women's 3GreySmall$870$609$261
Recreation + UrbanBG2129Cannondale 2016 Quick Speed Women's 3GreySmall$870$609$261
Recreation + UrbanBG2131Cannondale 2016 Quick CX 4GreyMedium$685$480$206
Recreation + UrbanBG2132Cannondale 2016 Quick CX 4GreyMedium$685$480$206
Recreation + UrbanBG2135Cannondale 2017 Quick 3Dark SIlver/YellowLarge$870$696$174
Photos Not Yet AvailableRecreation + UrbanBG2137Cannondale 2017 Quick 3Dark SIlver/YellowMedium$870$696$174
Recreation + UrbanBG2138Cannondale 2017 Quick 3Dark SIlver/YellowSmall$870$696$174
Recreation + UrbanBG2142Cannondale 2016 Quick 6GreyLarge$490$343$147
Recreation + UrbanBG2162Cannondale 2016 Adventure Women's 2BlackSmall$600$420$180
Recreation + UrbanBG2163Cannondale 2016 Adventure Women's 2GreySmall$600$420$180
Recreation + UrbanBG2167Cannondale 2016 Adventure 2GreenLarge$600$420$180
Recreation + UrbanBG2183Cannondale 2017 Adventure 2 Women'sBlackTall$550$440$110
Recreation + UrbanBG2184Cannondale 2015 Quick Speed Women's 2Matte BlackTall$920$644$276
Recreation + UrbanBG2186Cannondale 2016 Adventure 2BlackLarge$600$420$180
Recreation + UrbanBG2187Cannondale 2015 Quick Women's 5PurpleTall$630$441$189
Recreation + UrbanBG2188Cannondale 2015 Quick Women's 6SIlverTall$520$364$156
Recreation + UrbanBG2190Cannondale 2016 Althea 3PurpleTall$600$420$180
Recreation + UrbanBG2192Cannondale 2016 Althea 2GreySmall$740$518$222
Recreation + UrbanBG2203Cannondale 2015 Quick 5GreyMedium$630$441$189
Recreation + UrbanBG2197Cannondale 2015 Quick Speed 2BlueMedium$920$644$276
Photos Not Yet AvailableRoadBG2003Cannondale 2016 Synapse HM Carbon Disc Red CCarbon54cm$7,460$5,222$2,238
RoadBG2008Cannondale 2015 Slice Women's Ultegra Di2Grey48cm$3,200$2,080$1,120
RoadBG2016Cannondale 2016 CAAD8 8 Claris CGloss Black58cm$870$609$261
RoadBG2023Cannondale 2016 S6 EVO HM Dura Ace 1Acid Red58cm$7,990$5,593$2,397
RoadBG2027Cannondale 2016 S6 EVO HM UltegraBlue54cm$4,260$2,982$1,278
RoadBG2033Cannondale 2017 Slate Disc UltegraGrey/OrangeMedium$3,400$2,720$680
RoadBG2038Cannondale 2017 Synapse HM Carbon Disc Ultegra 3Acid Red54cm$5,200$4,160$1,040
RoadBG2039Cannondale 2017 Synapse HM Carbon Disc Ultegra 3Acid Red54cm$5,200$4,160$1,040
Photos Not Yet AvailableRoadBG2041Cannondale 2017 Synapse HM Carbon Disc Ultegra 3Acid Red56cm$5,200$4,160$1,040
RoadBG2050Cannondale 2017 Women's Synapse Carbon 105Black/Blue54cm$2,200$1,760$440
RoadBG2056Cannondale 2017 Synapse Carbon 105 5 CAcid Red54cm$2,200$1,760$440
RoadBG2059Cannondale 2016 Synapse Alloy Disc Tiagra 6 CGloss Black51cm$1,250$875$375
RoadBG2110Cannondale 2016 CAAD8 8 Claris CGloss Black56cm$870$609$261